Syllabus Design (Teaching and Learning)

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Online Resources

A compilation of online resources on syllabus design

Resources for Creating Syllabi

Resources for Sample Syllabi

Many professional organizations and some institutions of higher education curate public databases or lists of syllabi. Below are a selection:


Search all UT Austin syllabi


List of syllabi dealing with sustainability


Syllabi for German courses on all levels
Syllabi dealing with the concept of nationalism
Syllabi dealing with the study of literature and the environment
Syllabi for courses related to Jewish History
searchable on-line database of syllabi relevant to African Studies and publicly posted to the World Wide Web
list of Political Science syllabi
list of media diversity syllabi
searchable database of Sociology syllabi


Syllabi on Bioethics and related fields
Syllabi dealing with health and human rights
Geoscience Syllabi and Course Goals
behavioural medicine syllabi


Browse Elon School of Law Syllabi

Business and Finance

collection of social impact syllabi submitted by faculty from several MBA programs
Syllabi dealing with Budgeting and Financial Management

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