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At UBC Vancouver

Laptop Lending

All borrowers must hold a valid UBC Library card and sign the Laptop Borrower Agreement. Laptop loan periods will vary by UBC Library branch. Enquire at the branch circulation desk for specific loan periods and return times. Laptops are non-renewable and non-requestable.

Laptop computers are available at:

  • Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, Information Desk, Level 3
  • Koerner Library at the Circulation Desk, Entrance Level
  • Woodward Library at the Circulation Desk, Entrance Level
  • David Lam Library at the Circulation Desk, Entrance Level

To see up-to-date availability, check the Laptop Computer entry in the UBC library catalogue.

For more information on using the laptops, please see our Laptop Usage Guide.

Other Technology

At the Chapman Learning Commons Help Desk on level 3 of the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, we have the following equipment available for loan to UBC students, faculty & staff:

The Canaccord Learning Commons also has equipment for loan to students in the Sauder School of Business. For more information, please visit the myBCom website.

Kill A Watt Meters

UBC Library has partnered with the Sustainability Office. These devices monitor energy usage of electrical equipment. For more information, see this news article. They are available at:

  • Irving K. Barber Learning Centre
  • Koerner Library
  • Woodward Library

For up to date availability, please see our holdings information page.

At UBC Okanagan

Laptop and Netbook Lending

Loan Procedures

  • Laptops may be borrowed at the Library Services Desk. All borrowers must show a valid UBC/Library card and sign the Laptop Borrower Agreement. At the time of signing, they must also present a piece of government-issued photo ID that has their signature.
  • Laptops are available for 24-hour or week-long loans. They are due no later than one hour prior to the Library's closing time. The 24-hour computers may be taken out for the weekend if they are borrowed on Friday or Saturday.
  • All laptops may be used outside the Library and can be signed out overnight.
  • Renewals may be possible depending on availability of other laptops and the absence of other users waiting in turn for this equipment. However, laptops cannot be renewed over the phone. They must be renewed in person at the Library Services Desk with the laptop in hand.
  • Laptops must be returned in person at the Library Services Desk. Users will be required to wait briefly so that library staff can verify that all equipment pieces have been returned.
  • Users must report any laptop malfunctions and/or problems to library staff.

Fines and/or Replacement Charges

  • Overdue fines for the late return of laptops are charged at the rate of $20.00 per hour with a maximum fine of $200.00 and suspension of borrowing privileges.
  • The cost of a damaged or lost laptop and/or laptop accessories may result in replacement costs of up to $2500.00 in addition to any overdue fees incurred.


Click the appropriate link to check the current availability of the 24-hour laptops or week-long laptops.

Other Technology

The UBC Okanagan Library also lends the following items to students, faculty and staff:

  • Adapters [Dell USB-C, Micro DVI to VGA, Mac Mini Display Port to VGA, Mac Mini DVI to VGA] (1-day loans)
  • Cameras (3-day loans)
  • Chargers [Android, Dell 90W, iPhone 5/6/7, Mac60W Magsafe 1,2,3] (4-hour loans)
  • Electronic Accessories [Computer Mouse with USB, USB-8GB] (1-day loans)
  • Headphones (1-day loans)
  • Office Supplies [Calculators, White Board kits, Smart Board kits] (1-day loans)
  • iPads (1-day loans)

For more information please visit the UBCO Technology Borrowing page.