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Embed an Audio File

A Flash MP3 player can be embedded to the wiki page to play one or more uploaded mp3 audio files. You can embed a player using the <flashmp3> tag. The general format is:

<flashmp3 id="1">firstmp3.mp3,secondmp3.mp3|autostart=yes|loop=yes</flashmp3>

Everything except the basic <flashmp3>filename.mp3</flashmp3> is optional. By default, it does not automatically start and does not loop. You may also have more than two mp3s, and the id number is used when you have more than one mp3 player embedded on a page. You can also play mp3 files stored elsewhere as in the example below.

Wiki Code Display
<flashmp3></flashmp3> <flashmp3></flashmp3>

Please Note: The audio player does not seem to function properly when published through WordPress. More testing will be needed.

SoundCloud Files

Soundcloud files may also be embedded using a Widget. Please see Help:Widgets/SoundCloud for more information on how to embed SoundCloud files.

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