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Creating an assignment in Wiki

When you are creating an assignment in Wiki, there are 3 choices to choose from:

  • UBC Wiki
  • WikiEdu
  • Wikipedia

You will have to choose between 3 to find out which tool is appropriate for assignment.The diagram below will help you make decision on which tool to choose.

Wiki assignment decision tree diagram -if you click on this diagram, it will open a pdf file

UBC Wiki

UBC Wiki is based on Mediawiki - which uses the same technology as Wikipedia. All of the articles in Wikipedia are accessible to public. Anyone with with CWL can create and edit articles.

UBC wiki is recommended:

  • If it is your first time using Wikipedia in your assignment - UBC Wiki is a good place to start with since it is less open to public compared to Wikipedia.
  • You want to have flexibility to structure your course wiki.- WikiEdu and/or Wikipedia requires your course/wiki assignment to be structured in a certain way so if you want flexibility, UBC Wiki will be a good place to work on.
  • If you are planning your students to work on original research - Wikipedia (including WikiEdu) do not allow people to create an article about original research on Wikipeida. In UBC Wiki, you can.
  • If you are planning your students to work on controversial topic - Many articles in Wikpiedia can be controversial . Controversial articles tend to be harder to edit on Wikipedia - the articles often attract editors with strong feelings, and the talk page can go viral. UBC Wiki is less open to public compared to Wikipedia, so you may want to start off with UBC Wiki.

Get Started

To get started, go to Course to create a new course.


Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. It works well if:

  • You want your students to contribute to community beyond UBC.
  • You are collaborating the course with instructors outside of UBC - since both Wikipedia and WikiEdu have an open authentication system.
  • The subject matter you are teaching is not covered well in Wikipedia - that will give your students a space to work on improving an article or creating a new article.

If you decide to create an assignment on Wikipedia, there are 2 options that you can choose from - editing directly on Wikipedia or using WikiEdu.

Editing directly on Wikipedia

Editing directly on Wikipedia can be a good choice if:

  • Your assignment is less complex (For ex: Copyrighting and editing citation) . If your assignment is less complex, editing on Wikipedia directly may be still manageable.
  • You prefer to manage Wiki assignment by yourself.
  • You are confident with using Wikipedia - If you are familiar with the way Wikipedia community works, editing Wikipedia directly may be a good option.

Get Started

Plan your assignment, train your students, and ask students to edit on Wikipedia directly.


WikiEdu is a web service that makes it easier for you to create an assignment or course on Wikipedia. Using their Dashboard, you can create a course and an assignment on Wikipedia. Support will be provided by WikiEDU during the process. It works well if:

  • Your assignment is complex (For ex: Creating a new article on wiki) - WikiEdu makes it easier for you to create a complex assignment for wiki since there is a template and guideline that you can work on.
  • You want to track your students' progress easily. WikiEdu has an "Activity" feature which allows you to easily track your students' contribution on Wiki. This is great if you have a large no. of students in your class.

Get Started

To get started, create an account at and take a look at Instructor Resources.