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Wikis are a tool for collaboration and publishing. Public wikis, like Wikipedia and UBC Wiki have public reaches that go beyond the classroom. UBC wiki is entirely open to public views and we often find students' created pages are highly findable in search engines such as Google. Wikipedia is one of the top 10 accessed websites in the world so visibility created on Wikipedia pages is high. One of the major differences between the 2 wiki projects is that, Wikipedia has large community of contributors with high editorial standards and processes and policies. While the UBC community has community of contributors, it has much more flexible editorial standards and processes.

Why use a Wiki?

  • For students to have authentic public audiences for their work
  • For student work to be contributing to public knowledge
  • Foster collaboration both inside the classroom and beyond
  • To build digital literacies through the process of creation
  • Possibilities for peer review (built in into Wikipedia)
  • Support sustainability - Student projects can be iterative and re-used and built upon across terms in a varying context.
  • Student as a producer model - Students can produce something of value to wider audience
  • Wiki content is highly sharable in multiple formats and technology

Example of Assignment types

UBC Wiki


  • Editing an existing wiki article
  • Creating a new wiki article
  • Doing article analysis/critique/gap analysis
  • Translate a wiki article
  • Copyediting a wiki article
  • Adding citations to a wiki article using tools such as Citation Hunt.

Please see the How Instructors are Teaching with Wikipedia Case Studies Handout for more examples.

Choose a Wiki platform

When you are creating an assignment in Wiki, there are 2 choices to choose from:

  • UBC Wiki
  • Wikipedia

You will have to choose between 2 to find out which tool is appropriate for assignment.The diagram below will help you make decision on which tool to choose.

Please take a look at Effective Practices for UBC Wiki and Effective Practices for Wikipedia when you make the decision.

Wiki assignment decision tree diagram -if you click on this diagram, it will open a pdf file



  • Orientation Support: WikiEdu has orientation resources for instructors and students
  • Learner Management Support: WikiEdu will guide you on how to use WikiEdu to manage your course
  • Assignment Scaffolding: WikiEdu has a tool to scaffold assignment with course schedule


  • Consultation: CTLT, UBC Library or Faculty Support provides consultation on how you want to integrate wiki to your course
  • One on One Support: Trouble with Wiki? Drop by at the LT hub (
  • Workshops: CTLT and UBC Library facilitates workshops on open practice in wiki