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WeBWorK Vista Login enables a user who is already logged into Vista to go directly to WeBWorK without having to login again. This is done by pairing Vista's login2 plugin with a custom authentication module in WeBWorK. To enable this feature, you should only have to setup Login2 in Vista.

Setting Up Login2 in Vista

To use this feature in your course, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Build tab and click Add Content Link. Then select WeBWorK Login2. Add Content Link menu
  2. You should now have 2 options, either create a new login2 link from scratch or select one from inventory.
    • If you see an existing link in inventory, select it and click Add Selected.
    • If there are no existing entries, then you need to create a new link. To create a new link, click Create Webwork Login2. If you create a new link, skip the next step and jump directly to configuring login2. Menu for selecting existing modules or creating a new one
  3. Click on the dropdown menu for the login2 link and select Edit Properties. Edit properties menu
  4. Check that login2 is configured as follows. Those configurations should be set to correct value by default. If you have any trouble to use single sign-on, please contact with a screenshot of those configurations.
    Configuration screenshot
    • URL for external system connection:
    • Course title parameter:
      • courseTitle
    • Section title parameter:
      • courseSection
    • WebCT user ID parameter:
      • userid
    • User-defined parameters (name1=value1;name2=value2):
      • vistalogin=1;
    • Timestamp parameter:
      • timestamp
    • Shared secret - set this to the shared secret (masked by default)