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Once the your WeBWorK course get created through Connect, you will have all your class list synchronized from Connect course. In some case, you want to update a field for many/all students, e.g. section information. Please note that only certain fields can be updated this way, those fields are:

  • Section
  • Recitation
  • Comment

The rest of the fields are synchronized with Connect. If you change them, they will be overwritten by the next update. If a student needs to change the name or email address, they need to do it in SIS/SSC. Then those update will be synchronized to WeBWorK automatically.

The following steps show you how to do it:

  • Download the class list from WeBWorK
    • Login as instructor and go to Classlist Editor2
    • Select "Export all users to a new file named: ANY_FILENAME.lst" and click on "Take Action".
    • Then go to "File Manager" and find the exported file
    • Click on "Download" button. You should get a file with classlist.
  • Input the data
    • The file you got is actually CSV file. To open it in Excel or other tools, you need to rename it from .lst to .csv
    • You can either manually input the data or use something like vlookup
    • Once you finish, remember to change the file extension back to .lst. Because WeBWorK only recognize lst files.
  • Upload it back to WeBWorK
    • Go to "File Manager" in WeBWorK
    • Click on "Choose File" and select the file you have processed. (You may overwrite the exported file.) And click on "Upload"
    • Go to "Classlist Editor2"
    • Select "Import users from file YOUR_FILE.lst replacing any existing users and adding any new users" and click on "Take Action"

Your classlist should be updated.

For the detail of the classlist file format: