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Thanks to the Connect (Blackboard Learn) LTI integration with WeBWorK, WeBWorK classlists are synchronized with Connect. This synchronization generally happens once an hour, on the hour, so any classlist changes in Connect will usually take up to 1 hour to be reflected in WeBWorK.

Adding Instructors

Once your department's administrative staff (generally the department's timetable representative) have added someone to the corresponding Connect course as an instructor, that access will be synchronized to WeBWorK automatically as per the above. Please allow up to 24 hours for the information to be synchronized, although in most cases the process will take approximately 1 hour.

Adding Students

Students are required to register for a course via the SSC in order to access the WeBWorK environment for a course. Please contact your faculty admin for more details.

Once the student has registered in the course and this registration is reflected in SIS, they will be granted access to WeBWorK automatically. Please allow up to 24 hours for the information to be transferred. In most of the cases, the process will take approximately 1 hour.

Adding Other Users

Other users (guest instructors, TAs, etc.) should normally obtain WeBWorK access via access to the corresponding Connect course. Once someone is granted access to Connect, their access to a linked WeBWorK course will generally be activated within 1 hour.

If it is impossible to add the person to Connect, please contact the following:

Please ensure you include at least one of the following pieces of information for the person in question with your request:

  • CWL username
  • Student number
  • Employee ID