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Get Started

WeBWorK is integrated with Connect, which provides an auto-provisioning roster and grade synchronization.

To use WebWork, simply login to your Connect course and follow the instructions to create your WeBWorK course. Once you've created your WeBWorK course, you and your students will be able to login to the course either from Connect or from the WeBWorK home page directly.

To reuse assignments from a previously-offered course, please follow these instructions to copy the assignments. The list of previously-offered WebWorK courses is available here (this link is also available on the WeBWorK homepage).

To create a WeBWork course for a merged-section course, please contact one of your instructional support staff members from your faculty to merge the sections in Connect first.

To develop new problems for your WeBWork course and share them with your colleagues at UBC, see the information available here


Faculty of Science:

Other Faculties: Please find your faculty contact on the Faculty Support Units page

Training Sessions

The Department of Statistics usually offers two training sessions on the WeBWorK on-line homework system during Reading Week.

If you have any questions about these sessions or WeBWorK in general, please contact Bruce Dunham at

For more information, please check out UBC's WeBWorK pages on the UBC Wiki.