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Creating a WeBWorK Course and Linking it to Connect

  1. Access your Connect course.
  2. Create a new "Content Area".
    Create content area.png
  3. Check the "Available to Users" option so your students are able to access WeBWorK from Connect.
    Name content area and make available to students.png
  4. Go to your newly created Content Area.
  5. Hover over the "Tools" tab and click on "Basic LTI Tool". You will be directed to the "Add Link to Basic LTI Tool" page.
    Add basic LTI tool.png
  6. In the "By Name" tab, click on "Select by name..." to see the drop down menu and select "WeBWorK." Click "Submit" to save your changes.
    Add WeBWork link.png
  7. Your WeBWorK link has successfully been created when you see a green message at the top stating: "Success: Your link has been created - use the options on this page to change its default settings."
  8. In most cases, the default configuration settings will be sufficient but you can make configuration changes if needed.
  9. Click "Submit and Launch".
    Submit and launch WeBWork link.png
  10. A WeBWorK course should be created and the following message should be shown: "WeBWorK - Course Import Successful. The course enrollment was successfully imported into WeBWorK."