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About FIREtalks

FIREtalks are on hiatus until September 2017.

Collaborate, network, and explore ideas across conventional disciplinary boundaries. Join us for FIREtalks, an interdisciplinary discussion forum run by graduate students for graduate students.

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What is a FIREtalk?

A FIREtalk (Facilitated Interdisciplinary Research Exchange) is a mix of brief presentations, activities, and discussion, all relating to a common theme. FIREtalks are a great opportunity to:

  • share your research in a low-stakes environment
  • be inspired by research in other disciplines
  • connect with graduate students who share your interests.

Want to participate?

PRESENT: Pitch your presentation or activity online or via email to Presenters are chosen from a wide range of disciplines.

RECORD: Come to the CiTR radio station with one of our FIREtalks facilitators and record a five-minute presentation of your research topic.

ATTEND: Any graduate student can attend a FIREtalk! You do not need to submit a presentation to attend a FIREtalk and participate in the discussions. Register in advance, or simply show up!

Those who present, record, or attend a FIREtalk are eligible for an Open Badge signifying their accomplishment. Find out more on the Open Badges page.

Check out:
FIREtalks on LinkedIn
Join the FIREtalks LinkedIn group here.

Upcoming FIREtalks

FIREtalks are on currently on vacation. Check back in August for a list of next year's FIREtalks.

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Open Badges

Open Badges are online credentials that take the form of digital icons. If you earn a badge from us, you can post it to online media like Twitter and LinkedIn. When a viewer clicks your badge, information will appear that shows what you had to do to earn it.

If you qualify for a badge due to your past participation in the program, and would like to claim it, set up an account with Credly and send us an email at

Here are the badges that can be claimed, and the people who have earned them:

Participant Badge
earned by attending a FIREtalk
Interdisciplinary Communicator Badge
earned by giving a five-minute FIREtalk
  • Kate Chandler (School of Library, Archival and Information Studies) Open Badges in Academia, November 2014.
  • Mehdi Piltan (Applied Science) FireTalk & Your Career, February 2015.
  • Ernesto Pena (Language and Literacy Education Department) Interdigiplinarity! November 2014, and Mind the Gap October 2015.
  • Sarah Perez (College for Interdisciplinary Studies, Bioinformatics) Exploring Microbial Interaction Networks using Hive plots, October 2014.
Activity Exchange Badge
earned by organizing a learning activity
FIREcast Badge
earned by recording a FIREcast
  • Kate Chandler (School of Library, Archival and Information Studies) Open Badges in Academia, November 2014.
Interdisciplinary Insight Badge
automatically awarded once the previous four badges have been earned.


FIREtalks Podcast Logo 2.png
FIREcasts are interdisciplinary podcasts curated by the FIREtalks team.
To suggest a topic or nominate a grad student to be part of our podcast,
email us at

FIREcasts, Volume 3

  • Ethics In Spinal Cord Injury - Cody Lo

  • Bad Political Decisions - David Moscrop

  • InterDigiplinarity - Ernesto Peña

  • FIREtalks For Your Career - Mehdi Piltan

FIREcasts, Volume 2

Volume 2, recorded Winter 2014

  • Open Badges in Academia - Kate Chandler
  • From Stone to Screen - Chelsea Gardner
  • Cultural Techniques - Melanie Kage
  • Interdisciplinary Funk - Feat: Hussein Janmohamed

FIREcasts, Volume 1

Volume 1, recorded Summer 2014

  • Memory As Resistance - Alison James-Lomax
  • Sensory Deprivation - Shelly Fan
  • Social Media Bots - Douglas Guilbeault
  • The Reading Brain - Heather Allen
  • Interdisciplinary Ideas - Jennifer Abel

Contact Us

If you would like to participate in FIREtalks, please send us an email at

You can also stay in touch with our LinkedIn group! Check it out here.