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Why is there a significant delay in starting polls/advancing slides using my instructor clicker?[edit | edit source]

For Mac users on Mavericks or newer OS, a new feature called App Nap may slow down iClicker and cause significant lag time for the instructor remote to respond. To disable App Nap, open the iclicker application, click on "Settings", under the "General" tab, check the box for "Prevent App Nap".
App Nap.png

Why can't I start the iClicker software?[edit | edit source]

For users using Mac OS Sierra, you may not be able to run the UBC configured version of iClicker. See "Error writing to disk" for instructions or contact for assistance in setup. </br> For users using Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) or newer, a new feature called Gatekeeper prevents you from starting iClicker. To allow the application, right click and select Open. Then choose Open. You can also allow the application by going to System Preferences > Security & Privacy, and click on Open. For more information go to Apple Support.
For users using Windows 8, it has a similar feature called Smartscreen that will block unrecognized applications. To allow applications to run, click More info and Run Anyway.

I receive the "Error writing to disk" error when trying to run the iClicker software on my Mac[edit | edit source]

Wring to disk error </br> For users using Mac OS Sierra, you may not be able to run the UBC configured version of iClicker. You will need to follow these steps to create an UBC Conifgured iClicker software:

  1. Using Finder, create a New Folder on your Mac for the iClicker software
  2. Download iClicker 7 Mac OS Version
  3. Open the .dmg file that you just downloaded from the above link and move the iClicker application to the folder you created in step 1
  4. Run the iClicker application from your folder, then close the application. Do not proceed to setting up your course at this point
  5. Download the UBC Configured iClicker Resource Folder, unzip if necessary
  6. Open your iClicker folder and replace the Resources folder found within with the new Resources folder you have just downloaded above
  7. Run the iClicker application again and proceed with course setup

Please contact for assistance in setup. </br>

Why doesn't my instructor clicker respond when I try to start polls, show result chart, and/or advance slides?[edit | edit source]

For every new course you create in iClicker, you will need to add the Instructor Remote ID in the settings as shown here.
If you are unable to advance slides after re-positioning the iClicker toolbar in PowerPoint, right click then left click the PowerPoint slides to make PowerPoint the active window to allow advancing.
If you are unable to show result chart after switching to another PowerPoint slides, close the iClicker toolbar by clicking the “x" on the top left corner, then click on "Resume Session" on the iClicker main window. You will not lose the previous session data nor start a new session by doing so.

How do I disable the Base Frequency alert message that shows up every time a polling starts?[edit | edit source]

Frequency Alert

If you are using i>clicker version 7.4.5 and newer, you will need to disable this message in "Settings" > "General" > "Frequency code" and pick "not at all" from the "Show frequency alert message" drop down list.

Why am I not able to collect vote after a polling has started?[edit | edit source]

For Microsoft Surface Pro or Lenovo Think Pad X1 Carbon users, you will need to disable Bluetooth on your device for the iclicker software to collect student responses properly.

Why do I receive a "Lost connection to base" message when I try to start a session?[edit | edit source]

Make sure the clicker base has power (Podium PC is turned on) and the USB Switcher is set to the right input.

How do I turn on the clicker base?[edit | edit source]

The clicker base draws power from the classroom Podium PC through USB connection. Make sure the Podium PC is turned on even if you are running iclicker from your laptop. The location of the On/Off button may vary depending on the design of the Podium.

Why doesn't my portable clicker base work with iClicker 7?[edit | edit source]

You base's firmware might have been out of date. Contact to request a new base. Please bring the old base with you so we can update it.

I can't log in to the iClicker Gradebook[edit | edit source]

Make sure you are connected to ubcsecure if on campus or if off campus. Then use your Connect Security Key.

Why doesn't my Gradebook sync all of the student scores with Connect after a successfully export?[edit | edit source]

There might be a problem with your current roster that interrupted the export. Try updating the roster again by clicking on the "Sync Roster" button to download the most up to date list, then click "Sync Scores" to export scores again.

My base is connected and I have the latest version of i>clicker software. Why does it not allow me to start polling?[edit | edit source]

Make sure your i>clicker base firmware is updated. Some older versions of the base firmware are not compatible with the latest i>clicker software. If you i>clicker base is black in colour, contact to get it changed for a newer version. If it is a white base and you experience this problem, download the i>clicker Firmware Base Utility to update the base firmware. Then restart the i>clicker software.

Student names are red (no clicker registered) in Gradebook[edit | edit source]

If you've added the registration link to Connect, ask students to register on the course page. Then import your class roster to sync the students with iGrader.

Why isn't my Clicker turning on after replacing the batteries?[edit | edit source]

If you only replaced two batteries, the clicker will not turn on. There are three batteries in the clicker. Make sure you replace all the batteries. Gently hit one end of the clicker and the third battery will come out. Note: iClicker+ contains only two batteries.

My students asked me about REEF Polling. What is it?[edit | edit source]

REEF Polling is the mobile version of iClicker. If you are running a version older than v7.4.2, you must update your software in order to use REEF (formerly i>clicker GO).
You can download the newest UBC version here.

iclicker toolbar and result graph do not display on the class projector screen[edit | edit source]

The projector acts as an extended screen. Drag the toolbar and the result graph onto the projector screen to display them to the class.
If you are using PowerPoint, right click then left click the PowerPoint slides to make PowerPoint the active window so you can advance slides using either the instructor remote or the arrows on your keyboard.

How can I display i>clicker in conjunction with Keynote Presentation software?[edit | edit source]

In Keynote Slideshow Preferences, there is an option labeled "Allow Expose, Dashboard, and others to use the screen." If you check this, and then open i>clicker, the control bar should appear on the screen.

iclicker application's formatting is unreadable or appears too small on the screen, how can I change that?[edit | edit source]

You need to first update your iclicker software by following these steps.</br> If you are using a windows 8 or newer computer with a high-DPI display, you will need to disable display scaling for the i>clicker application. To do this, first locate the iclicker.exe application in your iclicker folder, right-click the file to select Properties, go to the Compatibility tab and check the checkbox for Disable display scaling on high DPI settings, then click Apply then OK to save the settings.

Contact Us[edit | edit source]

Feel free to contact us at if you have any other questions regarding iClickers. We will be very happy to help you.