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Dear LLED 223 students, welcome to the world Englishes class. Below, you will find links to course content, as well as supplementary links to other things we cover in class. This wiki will always contain the most up-to-date information about readings, assignments, and so on.

['Download the syllabus here.]

Older versions of this course can be found here, though some links may be broken.

January-April 2012

September-November 2012

January- April 2014


Week 1: Introduction

Intro to course and syllabus.

Ken Shimura - English Lesson

Week 2: The History of English

POWERPOINT - download the Week 2 powerpoint here.

Please read before class:

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Week 3: Introduction to World Englishes


  • Jenkins, J. (2009). The historical, social, and political context. In Global Englishes: A resource book for students. (pp. 2-10) (Photocopies to be handed out in week 2.)

Additional Recommended Readings:


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Week 4: Inner circle: US and Canada

Theme: What is Standard English?

Please read the following before class:

Additional Recommended Readings


(Please note that we did not cover everything on the PowerPoint. (Don't worry -- if we didn't cover it in class, you don't have to worry about remembering it for an exam!)

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Canadian English

American English

British English

International Standard English(es)

Week 5: Outer circle: India

Theme: Business English Around the World

Please read the following before class:


Powerpoint is here:

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Additional Recommended Readings

Week 6: Outer circle: Singapore and Malaysia

Theme: Language Policy


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Additional Recommended Readings

Week 7: Outer circle: Africa

Theme: Literature

Please read the following before class:

Download this week's PPT here.

ALSO: * Cliffs Notes on Chapter 1 of Things Fall Apart (I highly reccommend that you read this)

Related Links:

Additional recommended resources:

Week 8: Expanding Circle: Japan

Theme: English in Japan

Please read this:

Stanlaw, J. (2005). Chapter 12: Japan, English, and World Englishes of Japanese English: language and culture contact. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press.


START with the conclusion! (p. 299-300), then read pp. 286-291

PPT here: English in Japan

Additional recommended readings: Moody, A. J. (2006). English in Japanese popular culture and J-Pop music. World Englishes, 25, (2), 209-222.

Week 9: Expanding Circle: Asia

Theme: :Language in Education

Please read the following before class:

Read Japan, Korea, or China depending on your group!

345-362, DOI: 10.1080/01434632.2012.661434


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Additional Recommended Readings

Week 10: Expanding Circle: Europe

Theme: Euro-English and ELF

Please read the following before class:

PPT here: Euro-English and ELF:

Week 11: Research Papers

SIGN UP for a one-on-one consultation on your paper here.

USE THIS CHECKLIST to help you prepare a good paper!

Week 12: Assessments

Final exam, presentations, and course evaluations

Additional material that may be of interest

Linguistic Imperialism

Robert Phillipson's website.

Tove Skutnabb-Kangas' website (Phillipson's wife and co-author)

Future of English and Other Languages

Graddol, D. (2006). "The World Languages System" and "English Challenged" in English Next (pp. 60- 64 only!). British Council.

Turner, M. (2012). The world's most widely spoken languages. Retrieved from

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